Exporting in CORAL

The export feature allows users to retrieve data from the Resources module in CSV (spreadsheet) format.

How to Export Resources

To export resources, click the green Excel icon on the right side of the screen, under the Change Module menu.

_images/exportButton.PNGScreenshot of Resources module with Export button

Note: If your Resources module has a lot of records, you may need to wait for the file to be prepared.

A dialogue box will appear asking where you want to save the file, which will be named resources_export_today's_date.csv. Choose a folder and click Save.

You can then open the file on your computer using Excel, OpenOffice, Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet program.

_images/exportResult.PNGScreenshot of Resources data in Excel

Note: If there are multiple values in a field, they will be separated by a semicolon and a space.

Exported Fields

  • Resource ID: The unique identifier of each resource record.
  • Date Created
  • User Created: The name of the user who created the record.
  • Date Updated: The date of the last update to the record.
  • User Updated: The name of the user who last updated the record.
  • Status: Whether the resource record is In Progress or Complete.

Product Tab:

  • Name: The title of the resource.
  • Type
  • Format
  • Resource URL
  • Alt URL
  • Organizations
  • Aliases
  • Parent Resource: The name of any linked parent resource record.
  • Child Record: The name of any linked child resource records.

Orders Tab:

  • Order Type
  • Acquisition Type
  • Order Number
  • System Number
  • Purchasing Sites
  • Subscription Alert Enabled

Acquisitions Tab:

  • Sub Start
  • Current Sub End
  • Year
  • Fund Name
  • Fund Code
  • Tax Excluded
  • Rate
  • Tax Included
  • Payment
  • Currency
  • Details: Cost details.
  • Cost Note
  • Invoice
  • License Names
  • License Status

Access Tab:

  • Authorized Sites
  • Administering Sites
  • Authentication Type
  • Access Method
  • Storage Location
  • Simultaneous User Limit
  • Coverage
  • Username
  • Password

Cataloging Tab:

  • Cataloging Type
  • Cataloging Status
  • Catalog Record Set Identifier
  • Catalog Record Source URL
  • Catalog Records Available
  • Catalog Records Loaded
  • OCLC Holdings Updated

Fields currently missing from the list above:

  • Organization Role
  • Description
  • Alias Type

Not currently exported are fields inherited from other modules that appear in the Contacts and Accounts tabs. Nor are issues, attachments, or workflows exported.